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Streamline Your PG/Hostel Management with the OKAY KRC App

Streamline Your PG/Hostel Management with the OKAY KRC App

Are you tired of juggling multiple tasks and struggling to keep track of your PG or hostel properties? Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to streamlined management with the OKAY KRC app. Our comprehensive platform offers a range of features designed to simplify property management and enhance your overall efficiency. Let's explore how the OKAY KRC app can revolutionize your PG/hostel management experience:

Dashboard Overview: With the OKAY KRC app's intuitive dashboard, you can access a comprehensive overview of all your properties, bookings, pending complaints, and other key metrics at a glance. Stay informed and in control of your operations with real-time updates and insights.

People Management: Effortlessly manage your tenants, staff, and leads with the People Overview feature. Keep track of the number of tenants, staff members, and total leads, as well as your month's expenses, all from the convenience of your phone.

Financial Insights: Gain valuable insights into your finances with the Money Overview feature. Monitor today's collection, month's collection, and other financial metrics to ensure your operations remain profitable and sustainable.

Property Management: Adding and managing properties has never been easier with the OKAY KRC app. Simply input property details such as name, pricing, availability, description, address, amenities, and services directly from your phone. Choose whether you want to display your property in the listings or keep it private.

Room Management: Efficiently manage room allocations and availability with the Add Room feature. Specify sharing types, pricing, discounts, security deposits, and room amenities effortlessly. Keep track of room numbers, floor numbers, and bed availability to optimize occupancy.

PG Dashboard: Stay on top of your PG or hostel operations with the dedicated PG Dashboard feature. Monitor filled and vacant beds, total tenants, total leads, pending bookings, and other key metrics to ensure smooth operations.

Tenant Details: Access detailed information about your tenants, including joining dates, room rent, dues, contact details, and emergency contacts. Stay organized and proactive in managing tenant accounts and payments.

Complaint Management: Address tenant complaints promptly and efficiently with the Complaints feature. Keep track of pending complaints and prioritize resolution to ensure tenant satisfaction and retention.

Food Management: Streamline food service operations with the Food Management feature. Set meal timings, specify available meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner), and manage weekly food menus effortlessly to provide a seamless dining experience for your tenants.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of managing your PG or hostel properties with the OKAY KRC app. Download now and take your property management to the next level!

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